Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom

Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom

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Spacefaring hero Buck Rogers zoomed into the arcade world in 1982, courtesy of Sega’s Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom. Based on the famed exploits of the comic strip/movie serial/television series star, the game put players at the helm of a blaster-equipped spacecraft, cruising through one of the most treacherous sectors of 25th-century space.

Seen from a chase cam view, the ship faced wave after wave of enemy craft, carefully dodging the space debris and other obstacles that cluttered the cosmos. Along with the obligatory fire button, the control panel also housed “Speed Up” and “Slow Down” buttons, allowing players to adjust Buck’s speed during the ongoing battle. A pure action game, Buck Rogers continued hurling ships and other dangers in your direction until you finally cracked.

In a severe case of bad timing, Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom arrived in arcades a year after Buck Rogers in the 25th Century had left the prime time airwaves. The game made little impact, watching its space opera thunder get stolen by the Star Trek and Star Wars arcade games.

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1982 - Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom

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