Crazy Climber

Crazy Climber

Retro Coin Op Synopsis

“Go for it!”

Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages, thrill to the death-defying, electrifying, high-flying daredevil adventures of the human fly, the guy in the sky, Crazy Climber!!!

You don’t have to be crazy to climb a 200-story building, but it sure helps. This wasn’t the friendliest skyscraper on the block, either. It seemed like every resident, construction worker, bird and wall-climbing ape around was trying to knock Crazy Climber to his death. But still, the determined daredevil pressed on, conquering building after building, always seeking the next big rush.

Designed by Nihon Bussan Co., Ltd., and released in the U.S. by Taito, Crazy Climber offered a clever premise with a uniquely challenging set of controls. The object of the game was simply to get to the top of a 200-story city skyscraper, which wasn’t nearly as easy as it sounds.

The two joystick controls on the Crazy Climber cabinet each controlled half of your climber’s body. Move the left joystick to the left, and the climber would sort of half-skitter from one window to the next one over, straddling between the two. Moving the right joystick in the same direction would complete the move. Climbing up or down followed the same process, moving half the body up, then the other, and so on to the top of the building. With a little practice, even the novice human fly could become a Crazy Climber in no time.

Unfortunately, most people in the neighborhood didn’t want C.C. to finish his stunt. Several residents opened and shut their windows at random intervals, turning the high-rise building into a changing maze of safe passages. Angrier residents threw flowerpots at our hero, while unseen construction workers above “accidentally” dropped I-beams in the climber’s direction. Nature itself even got into the act, as passing birds dropped dangerous eggs and giant apes tried to knock the human fly off the building’s face.

Even at the top of the building, with all threats safely below him, there was no rest for the crazy. A waiting helicopter flew the conquering hero to the next of four buildings, and if all four were successfully scaled, that masochistic climber would merely start all over on the first. Why? Because it was still there.

Arcade Machine Release History

1980 - Crazy Climber

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