The Magician

The Magician

Synopsis of TV Show

Most of us could barely get the coin to disappear from the collapsing cup we bought in the magic/joke shop downtown, but for some, magic was a gift. And what better use for that gift than foiling the nasty plans of evildoers everywhere? Magician Anthony Blake couldn’t think of one, so foiling was exactly what he did every Tuesday night on NBC’s The Magician.

Played by future Incredible Hulk star Bill Bixby, Anthony Blake had done a bit of time in a South American pen years ago for a crime he didn’t commit. Though he didn’t have to enter A-Team-style fugitive status to get out, he did join those later crimefighters in devoting his remaining years to righting the injustices of the world… only Blake had the power of magic at his side.

Joining Anthony in his quest for justice were syndicated columnist Max Pomeroy (also Anthony’s unofficial manager), Max’s wheelchair-bound son Dennis and pilot Jerry Anderson, who flew Anthony to cases in the private jet The Spirit (we should point out that Anthony, in addition to being magical, was fabulously wealthy). When Max brought word of a crime in need of solving (or preventing), Anthony sprang into action, using all his wiles as an illusionist and escape artist to bring the would-be villains to the custody of the law.

The Magician only lasted one season on NBC, but it wasn’t for lack of magic. Bixby performed all his own tricks on the show, and after the setting moved to Hollywood’s famed Magic Castle in January of 1974, world-famous magicians often dropped in to drop a few jaws in the audience. Adventure, crime fighting, wealth and magic… maybe it’s time to dust off that collapsing cup and get back into practice.

Release History of Prime Time Show

10/2/73 - 5/20/74 NBC

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Television Studio

B 'n' B Pictures Corp., Paramount

TV Cast

Anthony Blake Bill Bixby
Max Pomeroy Keene Curtis
Jerry Anderson Jim Watkins
Dennis Pomeroy Todd Crespi
Dominick Joseph Sirola

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