Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde

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"From New York to east California,
There's a new wave coming, I warn ya..."

Music came naturally for Kim Wilde: Her father Marty was an English rock star during the 50’s and her brother Ricky was a producer for England’s RAK Records. So it was no surprise when young Kim became a hitmaker in her own right. Her mixture of girl-next-door looks and catchy electronic pop made her England’s most successful solo female star and also helped her rack up some sizeable hits in the U.S.

Kim Wilde’s career began when sang on one of her brother’s demos. RAK Records was impressed enough with the result to give her a record contract and her self-titled debut album was released in early 1981. Its synth-heavy new wave sound caught on big with the English public and spawned five hit singles, including “Kids In America.” This song mixed slashing power chords with moody synth sounds and was topped with a vocal that sounded like a cross between Debbie Harry and Pat Benatar. The next year, “Kids In America” became a Top-30 hit in America thanks to a frequently-played video on MTV.

In 1984, Kim Wilde moved to MCA Records. She also moved from cute teen pop star to beautiful blonde icon as she continued to rack up hits that began to mix danceable rhythms into her new-wave sound. At the end of 1986, she scored a #2 hit in England with an electronic dance-pop version of the Supremes' classic “You Keep Me Hangin’ On.” The next year, it went to #1 in the United States and made Wilde the fifth British female artist to top the charts in this country. She followed up this success by joining Michael Jackson for the European leg of his 1988 tour.

Kim Wilde remained a big recording star in Europe throughout the 1990’s, scoring equally well with both dance music and mellower adult-contemporary tunes. She also starred in a successful English production of the musical Tommy. Recently, she has decided to retire from the music scene to devote herself to raising her newborn child. Just the same, Kim Wilde will be fondly remembered by pop fans around the world for the legacy of sleek and stylish pop music she left behind.

Artist Release History

1981 - Kim Wilde
1982 - Select
1983 - Catch as Catch Can
1984 - Teases & Dares
1986 - Another Step
1988 - Close
1992 - Love Is...
9 Nov 1993 - Singles Collection: 1981-1993
1995 - Now and Forever
1995 - Breaking Away

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Singles Collection: 1981-1993 (MCA)

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Kim Wilde vocals

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