Leif Garrett

Leif Garrett

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“I was made for dancing,
All, all, all, all night long…”

With his blow-dried blond locks and his half-smirk smile, Leif Garrett went from child actor to teenage hearthrob in the late 70’s. During his time as a Tiger Beat coverboy, Garrett became a music sensation and charted several singles and albums in the process.

Garrett began his career as a child actor, appearing in everything from the film Walking Tall to television’s The Dating Game. By the time he reached his teens, he had landed a recording contract. He worked with Michael Lloyd, who also produced other heartthrobs like Shaun Cassidy and the Osmonds, and recorded his self-titled debut album in 1977. It soon sailed into the charts, thanks to slick, well-chosen cover versions like “The Wanderer,” “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” and “Surfin U.S.A.”

In 1978, Leif Garrett earned his biggest single hit with the disco-styled “I Was Made For Dancin’.” It had a steady dance beat, a dramatic orchestral backing, and a catchy vocal hook from Garrett: “I was made for dancin’/ Aw-aw-aw-all night long.” He reinforced his success with appearances on television shows like Wonder Woman and C.H.i.P.s. In 1979, Garrett embarked on a concert tour that saw him performing to sold-out audiences of screaming teenage girls on a nightly basis.

Garrett continued to record and perform through 1981. After that, he concentrated on his acting career and won critical acclaim for his performance as Bob Sheldon, a jaded rich kid, in 1983’s The Outsiders. He revived his music career in the 90’s with a new goth-style band called Godspeed. More recently, he filled in as guest vocalist for alternative legends the Melvins on their cover of the seminal Nirvana hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” This song took critics and fans alike by surprise, proving that Leif Garrett still has a few tricks up his sleeves.

Artist Release History

1977 - Leif Garrett
1978 - Can't Explain
1978 - Feel the Need
1979 - Same Goes for You
1981 - My Movie of You
1998 - The Leif Garrett Collection

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