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“I’m not in love,
So don’t forget it,
It’s just a silly phase I’m going through…”

10cc were among the most unusual and imaginative hitmakers of the 70’s. This quartet of gifted songwriters and multi-instrumentalists mixed the songcraft of The Beatles, the studio perfectionism of Steely Dan, and the bizarre humor of Frank Zappa into a series of quirky yet gorgeous-sounding hits that became popular all over the world.

Each member of 10cc was an accomplished pop-music veteran: Kevin Godley and Lol Creme were professional session musicians, Eric Stewart owned a studio and had played guitar with Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders, and Graham Gouldman had penned hits for The Hollies and The Yardbirds. They teamed up in 1972 and had a U.K. hit with the doo-wop parody, “Donna.” They went to #1 in the U.K. with the 1973 jail-break epic “Rubber Bullets” and developed their blend of wacked-out humor and perfect pop songcraft on two albums, 10cc and Sheet Music.

10cc transformed from a U.K. phenomenon to international hitmakers in 1975 with a song called “I’m Not In Love”. This ultra-lush ballad about a reluctant lover boasted a complex vocal arrangement featuring 256 tracks’ worth of backing vocals. It went to #2 in the U.S. and #1 the U.K., as well as racking up significant sales in other corners of the world. The group toured internationally to promote this hit, proving they could effectively recreate their intricate studio sound on the concert stage.

The group scored another major international hit in 1977 with the Beatles-esque pop song “The Things We Do For Love.” By this time, Godley and Creme had left the group to work as a duo. They would later have a massive international hit with the moody ballad “Cry” in 1985. Stewart and Gouldman continued 10cc as a duo act and racked up a major European hit with the reggae parody “Dreadlock Holiday” in 1978. They would continue to record and tour under the 10cc banner until 1983.

Since 10cc ended, all of the members have stayed active in the music business. Godley and Creme found a second career as music-video directors and have made award-winning videos for the likes of Duran Duran and Huey Lewis and the News. Stewart collaborated with Alan Parsons extensively and with Paul McCartney on his album Press To Play, and Gouldman formed another duo, Wax U.K., with Andrew Gold.

Meanwhile, the group’s creations as 10cc continue to live on: “I’m Not In Love” frequently tops ‘all-time best pop song’ lists around the world. Stewart and Gouldman periodically reunite to tour and record today as 10cc, keeping the group’s eccentric but delightful style of pop in the public eye.

Artist Release History

1973 - 10cc
1974 - Sheet Music
1975 - The Original Soundtrack
1976 - How Dare You
1977 - Deceptive Bends
1977 - Live And Let Live
1978 - BLoody Tourists
1979 - Greatest Hits 1972-1978
1980 - Look Hear?
1981 - 10 Out Of 10
1983 - Windows In The Jungle
1992 - ...Meanwhile
1993 - Live In Japan
1995 - Mirror Mirror
1995 - Live In Concert, Vol. 1
1995 - Live In Concert, Vol. 2
1995 - 10cc Alive
1996 - King Biscuit Hour: Santa Monica, 1974 (live)
1997 - The Very Best Of 10cc
1998 - Greatest Hits
2000 - Live

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Essential Music Albums

The Very Best of 10cc (Polygram)

Band Members

Graham Gouldman vocals, bass
Eric Stewart vocals, guitar
Lol Creme vocals, keyboards
Kevin Godley vocals, drums