Fashion Synopsis

Surfing is more than being cool, it’s about being sly, being the first one out to hit the best waves before all the grommets clog up the pipeline. It’s about getting prime real estate on the beach for your board, and it’s about looking better than any of the other bums on the beach.

In the mid-70’s, U.S. surfers Jeff Hackman and Bob ‘Buzz’ McKnight had already caught on. They were quick enough to know that something cool in Australia, the surfing mecca of the 70’s, would be even cooler back home in America.

On the other side of the globe, Australian surfers Alan Green and John Law had designed a unique board short with Velcro fly, wax pocket, and a special, quick-drying base material. The boys knew something good when they saw it, and they capitalized on the venture. Hackman and McKnight borrowed the concept of the shorts, and they were in business. They started Quiksilver (their creative misspelling, not ours), produced a few shorts, and soon found demand skyrocketing as word of mouth spread.

Well, the two boys back home were right, and the new board short sent them to the top. Quiksilver became one of the hottest names in the surfing world during the 80’s. The company has remained afloat thanks to their aggressive advertising, and their expansion into girl’s surf apparel with the offshoot Roxy in 1993.

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