8-ball leather jackets

8-ball leather jackets

Fashion Synopsis

The leather jackets of the 80's were no longer the strong, silent types that had been created for World War II servicemen. In the decadent and bold 80's, color was a must, and leather jackets were not exempt. The jacket turned into a work of art when bright, dyed leather designs such as 8-balls, Union Jacks, and color-blocked styles replaced the traditional black.

It all started with Michael Jackson's red leather motorcycle jacket with zippers from the "Beat It" video, and from then on black was defeated. Tough was no longer dark, sleek and studded. Street credibility was bold, strong and ostentatious, and bright leather said it loud and clear.

The 80’s were about conspicuous consumption, and the urban style borrowed from the primary color patterns of Afrocentric design. Rap artists Salt-n-Pepa popularized the look, as worn with skimpy spandex suits and massive gold ‘dukie chains’ hanging around their necks. A fly girl uniform, these expressionist jackets were art at its finest, taking the leather jacket places those boys from WWII never would have dreamed.

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