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Lunch Boxes of the 80sThe 80s
The ban on metal lunchboxes goes national, and in 1985, Rambo is the last metal lunchbox ever produced. Character licensing is still riding high
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Lunch Boxes of the 70sThe 70s
Saturday morning and prime time television are more prolific than ever. For every new show produced, a lunchbox is made, as children become walking advertisements
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Lunch Boxes of the 60sThe 60s
Television matures as the country is thrust into political conflict. Lunchboxes keep pace, reflecting the rise of Saturday morning TV and contemporary social values.
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Lunch Boxes of the 50sThe 50s
Aladdin Industries makes the Hopalong Cassidy lunchbox in 1950-the first character box ever produced-and a new industry is born. Young WWII veterans now have families
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