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Pop Music of the 90sThe 90s
Hip-hop music jumps off the streets and into the pop mainstream thanks to high-stepping, fast-rapping performers like Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer . Later on, the hip-hop
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Pop Music of the 80sThe 80s
Blondie , Devo and Duran Duran usher in the new wave with electronic sounds and pop hooks. In the stadiums, Foreigner , Van Halen and Journey
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Pop Music of the 70sThe 70s
Led Zeppelin adds extra volume and energy to r&b to create heavy metal, inspiring a legion of hard-rocking groups like Aerosmith and AC/DC
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Pop Music of the 60sThe 60s
The Beatles bring pop music into a new era as they charm the world with their cute image, jangling guitars and stunning pop melodies. The British Invasion hits in full force
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Pop Music of the 50sThe 50s
Elvis Presley shakes his hips on The Ed Sullivan Show , and the rock 'n' roll craze begins. For those scandalized by such unwholesomeness, there's always nice young men like
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