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Movies of the 90sThe 90s
Left Home Alone , Macaulay Culkin finds slapstick gold, while Disney hits the mother lode from Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin to Mulan and Tarzan . A new wave of digital
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Movies of the 80sThe 80s
E.T. phones home and the Spielberg era continues with Raiders of the Lost Ark , Goonies , Gremlins , Explorers and Back to the Future . The Care Bears and Rainbow Brite
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Movies of the 70sThe 70s
America's favorite beagle hits the road with his pal Woodstock in Snoopy, Come Home , while Benji comes home to stay. Wilbur finds salvation in Charlotte's Web , Charlie finds a golden
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Movies of the 60sThe 60s
Disney unleashes 101 Dalmatians , Hayley Mills lights up the screen in Pollyana , Fred MacMurray invents flubber in The Absent-Minded Professor , and Julie Andrews
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Movies of the 50sThe 50s
Danny Kaye makes movie magic in Hans Christian Anderson and again in The Court Jester . Movies : The Home of Skooldays thrills moviegoers, Godzilla stomps Tokyo,
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Movies of the 40sThe 40s
Max and Dave Fleischer's Mr. Bug Goes to Town bows on Dec. 7, 1941. Walt Disney brings Pinocchio , Fantasia , Dumbo and Bambi to animated life. Alexander Korda's Thief of Bagdad
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Movies of the 30sThe 30s
Shirley Temple lifts America's Depression-era spirits with The Little Colonel , Curly Top , and Heidi . Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse cartoons hit new heights, Mickey Rooney
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