Weetabix promotions

Back in 1974 when Robin Hood was at the cinemas as the latest Walt disney release, kids could collect these great cardboard standups and scenery to act out a scene from the cartoon. This promotion featured a set of card characters and backgrounds printed on the cardboard of the box packaging. The more weetabix the bigger the scene or amount of characters.

Weetabix promotions

Weetabix promotions


In the mid-1970s Weetabix ran several other promotions on various themes – all featuring stand-up, card characters and colourful backgrounds with which children could recreate action scenes. As well as the Walt Disney Robin Hood cartoon characters. The other set i remember were Dr Who and the Cybermen and also the Asterix cartoon characters.

5 thoughts on “Weetabix promotions

  1. Marvelous – I had this stuck in my head over the last couple of days and just found your site – many thanks. Also recall another cereal packet with Knights and such on it (may have been Weetabix too)

      • I don’t think so – I think I saw those yesterday on the web somewhere – I remember a cut-out castle but it could have been from any cereal

  2. Great site does anyone know which cereal company ran the dinasour cut outs on the back in the 80s i think it was ready brek .

  3. This has been driving me nuts for years but I remember a cereal box series – I think that it was cornflakes -that featured a series of armed knights through the ages on the packaging – this would have been the early seventies. I’ve never seen them represented,

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