Vintage memorabilia

Vintage memorabilia

The older i get the more i love vintage collectibles and old memorabilia


Well it’s easier than everto collect old vintage memorabilia .

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  • Keep watch on items on ebay
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Amongst the top collectibles on Skooldays are the following

Vintage memorabilia

Vintage memorabilia - very collectable

Vintage Toys

Whether 1930s Arcade tables right up to 1990s toys and games we have a great section of old toys. These are proving ever collectable as more shops open up with original and replica memorabilia


Vintage Posters

Vintage movie posters and memorabilia for cinema and movie lovers is really popular too. Weather an old Hollywood poster or a vintage movie reel, they are always fetching a price on eBay.

Vintage Action Figures and Childhood Memorabilia

Childhood memories can be relived through vintage action figures – some played with but many in mint condition and still boxed or carded in the original packaging. We have stocks of vintage Star Wars action figures; model spaceships and vehicles; Space 1999 and A-Team action figures; Smurfs collectibles and memorabilia.

Always verify the authenticity before purchasing a vintage item. If you are not an expert, it is wise to approach someone who has the appropriate knowledge. If possible, always ask for certification or documentation. When buying from a private seller, make sure you read and understand the description provided carefully. Study the photographs provided to give you a clear image of the item you are about to buy. If the items you are buying are fragile or easily breakable, take special care and ask the seller who is responsible for any items which may arrive broken or damaged? Similarly, if the item is bulky or heavy, ask who is responsible for the safe collection or delivery of the memorabilia?

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