Pinky and Perky

How can you tell the difference between Pinky and Perky? Pinky wore red clothes and Perky blue, but this distinction was little use on black and white TV, so Perky often wore a hat.

Pinky and Perky puppet pigs were a big hit in the 70s and have recently made a comeback in the 21st Century too. They had very limited movements, looked very alike.

Pinky and Perky talking and singing pigs

Pinky and Perky

Anyone who had a record player would of been tempted to play an LP at the wrong speed and exclaimed it was another Pinky and Perky hit!


Pinky and Perky Voices

Pinky and Perky spoke and sang in high-pitched voices created by re-playing original voice recordings at twice the original recorded speed while the backing track was played at half normal speed.

Pinky and Perky would often sing cover versions of popular songs, but also had their own theme song “We Belong Together.” They were created by Czechoslovakian immigrants Jan and Vlasta Dalibor

They even had there own show included other puppets, such as The Beakles, Basil Bloodhound, Bertie Bonkers the baby elephant and Vera Vixen.

They also featured in series such as “Pinky and Perky’s Pop Parade” and “Pinky and Perky’s Island” for 11 years until 1968 on the BBC before transferring to Thames TV until 1971, where the puppets would be seen mime and dancing to songs by singer Petula Clark.

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