Merry Milkman Rules

We recently were sent a set of the Merry Milkman rules and knowledge of a set for sale

Below are his screen shots and details of the rules

The Merry Milkman

The Merry Milkman - Game from the 1950s

Copr. 1955 by Hassenfeld Bros., Inc.,


This game can be played by 2, 3, or 4 players.

Players, by a series of spins, perform the duties of a milkman. All the necessary steps are included-loading trucks with dairy products and making delivery of orders to houses. First player to complete deliveries is the winner.


Step 1.
Each player spins the spinner. The player with the highest number chooses his truck. He will go first. The player with the second highest number selects his truck. He will go second, etc.

Step 2.
Players now set up the houses for their delivery route. The driver of the “red” milk truck finds the_2 houses with the “red” plastic porches. The porch has places for 2 quarts of milk, 1 pound of butter and 1 dozen eggs (1 box). Each player places the houses wherever he wishes. However, they should not be far from the spinner.

Step 3.
Place dairy barn into slot in loading platform. Load the platform with 12 quarts of milk, 6 pounds of butter and the 6 dozen eggs in a convenient place. These parts are marked as follows: B.(Butter) M.(Milk) E.(Eggs)
There is an extra supply of butter, milk, and eggs, in case any of these parts are lost.

1. Each MERRY MILKMAN drives his truck near the loading platform.

2. In his turn, each driver spins the spinner to load his truck. He has to spin the correct number of each dairy product. If he needs 1 quart of milk, and spins 2 quarts, he cannot take the milk.

3. When the truck is loaded, the MERRY MILKMAN drives to 1 of the houses on the route. On his next turn, he spins to deliver his order. He has to be able to deliver what the spinner says. lf he has already delivered a pound of butter, he can not deliver eggs by spinning “Butter and Eggs”. When the tirst order is delivered, he goes on to
his next house.

4. When a MERRY MILKMAN stops in front of a house, he has to stay there until the order is delivered, unless he spins “Cracked Bottle”.

5. Special Spinner Rules:

a. “Cracked Bottle” rule. A good milkman would never deliver a “Cracked Bottle” to a customer. If at any time after he has loaded milk on his truck, a MERRY MILKMAN spins “Cracked Bottle”, he must return the last good bottle he handled to the platform. If he is delivering his orders when he spins “Cracked Bottle”, the driver returns to the platform. He stays at the ‘platform until he reloads the bottle, (now a good one) on his truck. He then goes back to delivering his orders.


b. “Engine trouble” and “Flat Tire” rule. lf a milkman has trouble with his truck, he takes time to fix the truck. If the MERRY MILKMAN spins “Engine Trouble” or “Flat Tire” he loses his next turn.

c. “Collecting Bills” rule. A milkman has to collect money in payment for bills. The MERRY MILKMAN who spins “Collecting Bills” is delayed for iust that turn.

6. The first MERRY MILKMAN to deliver all of his milk, butter, and eggs to his customers wins the game.

The Merry Milkman


1.Four Player Rule. When 4 persons play, 1 person becomes the Plant Manager.

a. Spin, to determine who has first, second, third, and fourth choice.

b. Each of the first 3 choices may choose to be either the Plant Manager, or a milkman.

c. There is iust I Plant Manager. After the job has been chosen, the other players must be milkmen.

d. If the first 3 choices are milkmen, the 4th player becomes the Plant Manager.

e. Responsibilities of the Plant Manager:

(1) He sets up the dairy plattorms and puts the dairy products in place.

(2) When the milkmen spin to get their dairy products, the Plant Manager places them on the truck.

(3) He makes certain that the milkmen follow the company rules, and settles all disputes.

f. _ The winner of the game- becomes the next Plant Manager.

g Each player is the Plant Manager once, before any 1 player is Plant Manager twice.

2. Two Player Rule
If there are 2 players, each player takes 1 of the extra houses. After he has delivered his truck load of dairy products, he returns to the platform and loads 2 milk, I eggs, and I butter on his truck. He then delivers these to the third house on his route.

3. Arrow on Line Rule
Should the arrow stop on a line, the player takes another spin.


The young child and his friends will enioy MERRY MILKMAN as a toy, as well as a game. He can set up the houses and deliver the dairy products. MERRY MILKMAN is made to provide the greatest possible play value for the youngster, while it aids him in developing further finger dexterity, recognition of shapes, and recognition of colors. As both a toy and a game, it is adaptable to almost any play area. MERRY MILKMAN is a creative toy-game for the young child.

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Pawtucket, R. I. ‘

4 thoughts on “Merry Milkman Rules

  1. I just wondered what the number on the spinner were for. I have a game that is over 40 years old , of my cousins , and am now playing it with my grand daughter. Are the numbers just there for fun?? Seems we were playing the game right according to the rules posted above!! Great memory for a 61 year old Nana!!!

  2. @ JMN
    We always thought it was just to decide who was who – so a bit like “highest throw on the dice”
    that was our take on the spinner

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