Lyons Maid

Any one remeber the great Zoom ice-lolly of the seventies by Lyons Maid? Or how about the Strawberry and Vanilla ice-lolly caled Fab. Remember Jubilee lollies or the Space 1999 ones? If you were a boy and you wanted to be a man, then you would opt for the Cider Quench a real mans ice-lolly, though i suspect zero alchol was involved – a bit like the cans of Panda Shandys.

Lyons Maid

Lyons Maid Ice Lollies


For much of the seventies, Lyons Maid had a long association with Gerry Anderson productions. This led to a promotional deal with TV and cinema adverts featuring characters like Thunderbirds and Joe 90 promoting their lollies.


In addition, many of the lollies had collectable cards with character lolly sticks. Kevin Keegan promoted an ice-lolly in the seventies called Goal. Some lollies had face masks such as the Star Wars series, they had masks of Chewbacca, a Storm Trooper and C3P0.

Lyons Maid was a brand of ice-creams and ice-lollies created in 1925, but was eventually bought out by Nestle in 1992

Any one else remember these freesing blasts from the Lyons Maid past?

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  1. I just about remember the Gerry Anderson Lyons Maid promotion. With all the interest in Gerry Anderson's programmes today, it is a shame the characters and vehicles could not be used again for promoting Zoom & FAB and even bringing back Orbit and Sea Jet. Duncan Moss

  2. and the Luv ice-cream bar, the commercial for which featured a young gentleman who would go on to become, in my opinion, and a lot of other people’s opinions, the greatest male rock stars of all time and the emperor of the musical universe. This fellow’s name is David Robert Jones, but you probably know him as David Bowie

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