Enid Blyton

Nothing I liked more than a good old Enid Blyton book to read with a cup of tea and a Mars bar in the summer holidays.

Enid Blyton

Enid Blyton Books for Children


Few children in the past 50 years would say thay havent at one time or other tried reading an Enid Blyton book. Her works included: The Famous Five series, The Adventure series, The Noddy books, The Secret Seven series, The Malory Towers series, The Five Find-Outers and The Secret series to name a few.


Enid Blyton was born in 1897 in East Dulwich, London. Her books have sold more than 600 million copies. More than a million Famous Five books are sold worldwide each year
Her books have been translated into more than 90 different languages
753 titles credited to her over a 45 year career with an average of 16 titles published per year.

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